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Student Council
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Bayridge Secondary School Student Council

Co-Presidents: Caitland Conner and Bobby Sharp

Public Relations: Jessica Menikefs                                      

Special Events: Rachel Kierstead and Emma Van Luven

Finance: Anoopam Dadiala and Bellen Tong (Paw Shop)
Communications & Blood Services: Abeeha Asghar, Lorna Platts and Keoni Ventura

Liaison to Chartwell’s Food Services: Keoni Ventura   

Event Coordinator: Shauna King

Night-time Events: Bailey Bradshaw and Caitland Connor

Assemblies: Tina Ciccarelli and Barry Hogeboom

Environmental :Katey Day                

International Student Liaison: Paulina Gomez

School to Community Liaison: Kyle Northmore

Arts Liaison: Bailey Bradshaw

Athletics Liaison: Chantal Branscombe and Natasha Amsden

2011-2012 Positions Only
Media Communications: Joel Thompson
Tech Advisor: Cameron Asselstine

Grade Representatives

        As grade representatives, we were voted by our peers to represent our grade on student council. Our role in student council is to listen to our peers and bring their ideas to the council. In addition to bringing these thoughts to the council, we are assigned to different groups within the council. For example, grade nine representatives work under the co-presidents to help them when they require help throughout the year.

Grade 9 Representatives: Brianna Howson and Katelyn Deacon

Grade 10 Representatives: Daniela Galdamez and Vanessa Gobby

Grade 11 Representatives: SooBin Park and Bailey Shaw

Grade 12 Representative:  Jess Colbourne and Dean Lebrun

Staff Advisors:  Brenda Scarlett, Anne Nahorny, Michael Bullett




Staff Advisors:  Brenda Scarlett and Anne Nahorny

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