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Taking charge of your future can be challenging!

Student Services can help!

See us for information on carreers, colleges or universities, trades or apprenticeships

Check the links on the left for specific help in those areas. If you don't see what you need, come and see us!!

An Entrance Bursary is a non-repayable grant disbursed to students entering university in an undergraduate degree program for the first time, who demonstrate financial need. Entrance Bursaries and Awards range in value up to $7,000. Visit: to apply for a bursary.

READ YOUR MAIL – Once you have applied for University or College, you will receive lots of mail from the various institutions to which you have applied. This mail will include important information such as Audition Info, Portfolio details, Personal Statement of Experience Info and general timelines.  Go through each package carefully so you don’t miss important dates.

COURSE CHANGES – If you make changes to your timetable, be sure to remind your Guidance Counsellor to change it in OUAC or OCAS.
Also, if you have completed a night school course, it is your responsibility to inform your Counsellor of your mark.  Otherwise, it will NOT appear on your OUAC or OCAS application.

COLLEGE APPLICANTS - Marks now appear in sure to check these for accuracy.  Report any errors to Student Services.  If you have not already done so, pick up your Ontario Education Number (OEN) in Student Services.  This number is required for your application.  To apply, go to and click on “Apply Now”.  If you missed the tutorial, there are extra handouts in Student Services

UNIVERSITY OUT OF PROVINCE APPLICATIONS – If you are applying to a university outside of Ontario, be sure to let us know so that we can forward your transcripts.  The following universities will access your transcripts directly through OUAC:  Bishops, Concordia, McGill, UBC, University of Victoria and Dalhousie.  

SCHOLARSHIP INFO – Remember to check out Scholarship opportunities under the “Financing Your Education” link.  Also, be sure to register with  to receive up-to-date info.  

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