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                        Mr. Young
                        Computer Technologies
                        TEJ20 / TEJ3E

                        Course Outline

                                This course introduces students to computer systems, networking, and interfacing, as
                                well as electronics and robotics. Students will assemble, repair, and configure computers
                                with various types of operating systems and application software. Students will build
                                small electronic circuits and write computer programs to control simple peripheral devices
                                or robots. Students will also develop an awareness of related environmental and societal
                                issues, and will learn about secondary and post secondary pathways and career opportunities
                                in computer technology.

                01052010_100135_4.jpg                Unit 1: Basic Circuitry
                                                                        Objective 1:    Create a push-to-make switch
                                                                                        Teachers Notes:  P1, P2 
                                                                                        Student example:     P1
                                                                        Objective 2:    Create an LED Circuit
                                                                                        Teacher's Notes:  LED
                                                                        Objective 3:    Create an Electric Motor Circuit

                01052010_100112_3.jpg                Unit 2: Electric Car
                                                                        Objective 1:    Create a Direct Drive Prototype vehicle
                                                                                        Student example:     P1
                                                                        Objective 2:    Create a Belt Driven Gearbox
                                                                        Objective 3:    Create a Belt Driven Prototype vehicle
                                                                                        Student example:     P1
                                                                                        Test:   Quiz:  P1, P2

                01052010_100042_2.png                Unit 3: Computer Hardware
                                                                        Objective 1:    Completely Disassemble a Computer
                                                                                        Student assembled machine:     P1
                                                                        Objective 2:    Identify Computer Hardware
                                                                                        Handout:  Motherboard handout
                                                                        Objective 3:    Assemble a Computer from separate parts
                                                                                        Quiz:  Assembly Quiz
                                                                        Objective 4:    Overclock a CPU
                                                                                        Handout:  Overclocking
                                                                        Objective 5:    Produce a Hardware upgrade plan and parts list
                                                                                        Task 1:  Build assignment
                                                                        Objective 6:    Produce a water-cooled system parts list
                                                                                        Task 1:  Build assignment
                                                                        Objective 7:    Setup a small home Network
                                                                        Objective 8:    Create a USB Key media device prototype

                01052010_100009_1.jpg                Unit 4: Operating Systems
                                                                        Objective 1:    Format a Hard Drive (including hidden partitions)
                                                                        Objective 2:    Create a Boot Disk
                                                                        Objective 3:    Use DOS commands to create a music library directory structure
                                                                        Objective 4:    Install an Operating (Windows XP)
                                                                                        Task 1:  Operating system terms and definitions
                                                                        Objective 5:    Install anti-virus software
                                                                                        Task 1:  Anti-virus terms and definitions
                                                                        Objective 6:    Install and Uninstall programs and drivers

                01052010_95939_0.png                Unit 5: Computer Programs
                                                                        Objective 1:    Learn and Use Google Earth
                                                                        Objective 2:    Learn and use Google SketchUP
                                                                                        Task 1:  Create your ideal cell-phone
                                                                                        PowerPoint:  PC case Mods
                                                                                        Task 2:  Create a desktop PC case
                                                                                                Student Work
                                                                        Objective 3:    Learn and Use Photoshop
                                                                                        Task 1: Photo-Chopping
                                                                                        Sample Images:  Mr. Young vs Godzilla Red Faction
                                                                                        Teachers Notes: P1, P2
                                                                                        Task 2:     Tint a black and white photo, apply grain filter
                                                                                        Filter & Tint ex:     Original, B&W, Filter & Tint
                                                                                        Task 3:     Group photo edit
                                                                                        Reference Photo:     Gears of War group photo
                                                                                        Student Work (in progress):     Gears of War Class Photo
                                                                                        Teachers Notes:     P1
                                                                                        Task 4:     Face manipulation
                                                                                        Teachers Notes:     P1
                                                                                        "Eye Scream" example:     Image
                                                                                        Teacher Example "Cyclops Dolph Lundgren":     Original, Modified
                                                                                        Assignment sheet:       JPG, PDF
                                                                                        Task 5 iPod ad: PDF, JPG
                                                                                        Teacher Example:     P1
                                                                                        Task 6 Working with text:       PDF
                                                                                        Teacher example:        P1
                                                                                        Task 7 Face Mirror:     PDF
                                                                                        Teacher Example:        P1                                                                       

        672010_95204_0.png                        Culminating Assignment:
                                                                        Build a Laptop: PDF, JPG
                                                                                                Student Work

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