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                        Assignment:                             Create a BIO webapge

                        "BIO" page examples:                    Inflicted, Yaron Schoen, Creature Tales                 



                        * Mr. Young is using macromedia dreamweaver 9, the interface screenshots
                        may look a little different from what you see on your screen
                        1. Begin by selecting a new, blank html page
                                File --> New --> Blank HTML page


                        2. Add a new layer to your design view.


                        3. Insert Text or Graphics into a layer and use the tab, on the top left corner of
                        the layer box, to move the text or graphic around your page.

                        4. Click page properties and select a colour or background image to use for your page


                        5. Add a picture of you to your profile. Remember to use a new layer and insert the
                        picture into the new layer


                        6. Add a new layer and insert your write up. Your write up should include the following information:

                                i. Name,  Age / Date of Birth,  Grade,  Dream Job,  Dream Vehicle
                                ii. Include a paragraph about yourself and your interests
                                iii. Describe your favorite videogame --> include some pics and try linking a video.

                        *How to link a video

                        Select the common tab --> Enter the name, which will be displayed for the link in the top box --> at the URL (website address) to the second box


                        7. Add as much info as possible, remember this page should tell your story.

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