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                        Mr. Young
                        Communication Technologies
                        TGJ2O / TGJ3O

                        Course Outline PDF , DOC
This course introduces students to communications technology from a media perspective.
Students will work in the areas of TV/video and movie production, radio and audio production,
print and graphic communications, photography, and interactive new media and animation.
Student projects may include computer-based activities such as creating videos, editing photos,
working with audio, cartooning, developing animations, and designing web pages. Students will
also develop an awareness of environmental and societal issues related to communications
technology, and will explore secondary and postsecondary education and training pathways and
career opportunities in the various communications technology fields.

                01092010_120350_3.png                Unit 1: Graphic Design
Unit Description
Students will develop graphic design skills using traditional sketching
techniques and computer design software. Students will be introduced
to the elements and principles of design and become familiar with what
makes a good composition.

Assignment 1:   What is graphic design? PDF, JPG
        Graphic Design Examples:Example 1, Example 2
        Teacher Example: PDF, JPG       

Adobe Photoshop Elements                
                                                                                Assignment 2:   Create a signature  PDF, JPG
                                                                                Teacher Example: PDF, JPG
                                                                                Layer Styles How to: PDF
                                                                                        Layer Styles Example: JPG
                                                                        Digital Image Editing   Teacher Example: JPG
                                                                                        How-To 1: Motion Blur
                                                                                                Example: Original Image / Final Image
                                                                                        How-To 2: B&W Colour Tint
                                                                                                Example: 0riginal / Final Image
                                                                                        How-To 3: Photograph to sketch
                                                                                                Example: Original / Final Image

                                                                        Summative 1: Create a movie poster
                                                                          Elements of Design: Line, Shape, Direction, Size, Colour, value
                                                                          Principles of Design: Balance, Gradation, Repetition, Contrast, Dominance, Harmony, Unity
                                                                        Green Screen Use: PDF

                                                                        Activity 3: Logo Design
                                                                                How-to 4: turn an image into a logo

                                                                        Summative 2: Business Card Design

                01092010_120434_4.png                Unit 2: Animation
Unit Description
In this unit students are introduced to multiple animation techniques and
applications. Student will use graphic design software, such as Adobe
Photoshop, to create images which will be animated using programs such
as GIF animator.

Activity 1: Flip Book Animation
        Example 1: Ball Bouncing
        Example 2: Walking
        Example 3: Hi Quality flip book animation

Storyboard: Example

        Pacman: Example
        How to make: The Ghost
                                                                        FlashMX: Shape Tweening

                                                                        FlashMX: Masking

                                                                        FlashMX Summative: Aliens at Bayridge!
                                                                                Mr Young's Example: (Work in progress)

                01092010_120846_6.png                Unit 3: Video Production
Unit Description
In this unit, students explore methods of creating, editing, and producing movies.
Students will use previously developed skills in graphic design, animation creation,
and 3D modeling to create a short film.

Windows Movie Maker: Infomercial

Adobe Premiere Elements: News Cast

                01092010_120629_5.jpg                Unit 4: 3D Modeling
Unit Description
Students will learn how to create digital 3D objects using Google SketchUP.
Students will design numerous technology products while developing 3D
modeling skills and techniques.

History of Computer Animation
        First 3D computer animation in film: Re-creation
                                                                        Dire Straights: Money for nothing       
                                                                        Light Bike 3D animation scene: Link
                                                                        The lawnmower man: Ending       
                                                                        Pixar's First aniamtion: Link
                                                                        Toy Story: Link
                                                                        Avatar: Link                            

                                                                Google Sketch UP:  USB Key                                                                                                       

                01092010_124852_7.jpg                Unit 5: Computer Aided Machining
Unit Description
In this unit, students explore methods of computer aided machining. Students
will create digital 3D models which will be machined using a 3 axis CnC
(Computer Numerically Controlled) machine.


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