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                        Assignment:                     Create a frameset Homepage

                        Frameset page examples:         Ncix (2 frames: top and bottom),
                        1. Begin by selecting a blank frameset
                                Framesets --> Fixed Top or Fixed Top, Nested Left --> create


                        2. The FIRST thing you must do is save your frameset. You will be asked to
                        save three or four different files. This is because each page is a seperate
                        html file.

                        The first file you save will be your master page. This page tells an
                        internet browser how to layout the frameset. Typical this is named "home.html".
                        Next you will be asked to save each section of the frameset. Which section you
                        are saving is indicated by a darkened border around the section (ORANGE ARROW).
                        For my example I named the top section "top.html" and the bottom section "
                        bottom.html". If you chose a 3 section frameset the left navigationbar should
                        be named "left.html".


                        3. RED ARROW Begin by creating a logo, using photoshop elements or graphic
                        for your name. I created a place holder logo for my wifes stained glass business.
                        You should create a logo or design which includes your name and perhaps a
                        graphic of your choice.
                        * Remember to place the image in a new layer

                        4. Create a hyperlink by pressing the chain button BLUE ARROW.
                        * The ORANGE ARROW is an example of a hyperlink
                        * Remember to place the hyperlink in a new layer
                        YELLOW ARROW Insert information into the pop-up box. Text is what will appear
                        on screen / link is the name of your biopage / target is where the link will be
                        sent to in the frameset


                        5. Add a hyperlink to your logo

                        RED ARROW Click on your logo or image
                        ORANGE ARROW input the name of your bottom frame. Clicking on the logo will
                        sent users back to the main homepage.
                        YELLOW ARROW Insert the target frame, which is the mainFrame.                   


                        6. RED ARROW add a link to your webquest
                        ORANGE ARROW click page properties and select a background colour or image
                        YELLOW ARROW.
                        *You will have to do this for each section of your frameset

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