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                        Create a Laptop


                        The goal of this tutorial is to create a laptop. New tools will be introduced,
                        such as the "Follow me" tool, the "Arc" tool, components, and component movement and


                        1. Begin by drawing a rectangle to determine the length and width
                        of your laptop design.

                        *In previous assignments we have not been  modeling using accurate
                        measurements. In this assignment accurate measurements will be
                        necessary. Type the dimension you want, and they will show up in
                        the bottom right corner. Remember to enter a unit of measurement
                        after the value ... eg. 2" ("=inches) or 2' ('=feet)



                        2. Create an arc, on the corner of your rectangle, using the "arc"

                        ARC TOOL: To use this tool you must specify 2 points and a radius.
                        Click once to create the start of the arc
                        Click a second time to create the end of the arc
                        Drag out the arc to determine radius

                        *You may notice your arc turns either blue or pink. This means that
                        you arc is tangent to the horizontal or vertical lines or that you have
                        created a 45 degree line.


                        3. Select the 90 degree corner, which you want to delete, using
                        the black arrow tool and press delete to remove the face and lines.


                        4. Use the "Push/pull" tool to give your laptop a thickness



                        5. Draw a rectangle on the edge of your laptop, perpendicular
                        to the previous laptop sketch. Draw an arc on the new rectangle
                        and delete what you don't need.



                        5. Select the "Follow me" tool and select the outer edge of the

                        FOLLOW ME TOOL: To use this tool you need to create a sketch
                        perpendicular to the path you want to travel along. Select the follow
                        me tool --> click the sketch --> move your mouse over the path you
                        want the shape to follow --> click again to create the shape



                        6. Create additional details such as the screen, speakers, buttons
                        etc. Apply colours and textures as you see fit.
                        TEXTURE APPLICATION

                        * It is necessary to apply a screen texture to the laptop. To do this
                        draw a rectangle on the lid to determine the edges of the screen.
                        Select the paint bucket tool --> pick a colour --> click the rectangle
                        click the edit tab in the paint dialogue --> check use texture -->
                        browse to a saved image.  

                        *To edit the position and size of the texture image, select the black
                        arrow, right click on the texture  --> position.  Click and drag to move
                        the texture around the object. Use the coloured pins to rotate and size


                        7. Remember to create a hinge or stand bracket so that you
                        can attach the two halves of your laptop later.         


                        8. Once you have completed the lid, and screen, it is time to turn
                        the model into a component. Components are a good way to
                        separate components so that they can be moved, scaled, rotated
                        easily and without stretching or ruining other objects.

                        COMPONENT: Use the black arrow to drag a box around your
                        model. Once you have the model select click the component
                        button. (6th icon from the left on the image below)             


                        9. Once you have turned the lid into a component, you can copy
                        the component and paste it to use as your laptop body.

                        *You don't have to, you could create a new model for the body.
                        If you do copy and paste the lid you must right click on the new
                        component and select make unique component. If you do not
                        any changes you make to the body will be made to the lid.

                        * To edit a component you need to right click on the component
                        and select edit component. If you do not whatever you draw will
                        not be added to the component.
                        ROTATE TOOL: To use the rotate tool, on a component, first select
                        the object to rotate. Next click the rotate tool, (6th tool from the right
                        on the image below) move the protractor until it displays the colour
                        of the axis you want to rotate along. Click once --> drag out a baseline
                        --> click again to create the baseline --> move the mouse to set the rotate
                        angle (the object will rotate when you do this) and click once more to
                        finish the rotate operation.

                        MOVE TOOL: To use the move tool you need to first select the
                        component you want to move. Next click once to select a point
                        to move the object with --> move the object by moving your mouse
                        --> click once more to set the object in place.



                        10. Right click on the bottom component --> edit component
                        --> and edit the bottom half as you see fit. Remember to model
                        a keyboard, mouse pad, inputs & outputs, etc.

                        *A second tutorial will be posted tomorrow showing how to
                        model keys and the mouse pad.                           


                        10. Remember your laptop must be the correct scale.
                        If you forgot draw your laptop to scale now would be the right
                        time to scale it properly.

                        SCALE TOOL:      To use the scale tool first select the objects
                        you want to scale. Select tools --> scale        to show the transform
                        controls. Use the corner handles to scale and not stretch. If you
                        use the middle handle you will stretch the object in that direction

                        * An easy way to scale is to first draw a line which is the correct
                        dimension for the width. Next use the scale tool and either increase
                        or decrease the size until the object is that same width as the line
                        you have draw.          



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