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                        Introduction to Google SketchUP

                        Google SketchUP Interface


                                1. Familiarize yourself with the Google SketchUP interface. Make sure you understand what each of
                                the following buttons does. Also, make sure you know what each axis is (the green, red, and blue lines)

                                2. To create a 3D object in google sketchUP you must first make a 2D sketch. Select the pen tool
                                and draw on the ground plane.


                                3. If the lines you draw create a closed shape, Google SketchUP will create a
                                surface inside the lines you have drawn.


                                4. Click the circle tool. Move your mouse over the side of your basic shape.
                                The circle automatically rotates to fit flat on the surface. Click once, to indicate
                                the center of the circle and drag outwards to size the circle.


                                5. Select the Push / Pull tool, click the circle you just made and push the circle
                                into your 2D shape.


                                6. Push / Pull is the most basic, and commonly used tool, used to create 3D
                                shapes. It is possible to make any 3D shape using this basic method.

                                7. Now try to create a 3D computer model using the basic Push / Pull Method:



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