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                        Create a SNES Controller


                        The goal of this tutorial is to create a SNES controller.

                        Interface Diagram:

                        1. Begin by drawing a circle on the ground plane. Select the pencil tool
                        and hover over the circle edge for 2 seconds. Now move the cursor to
                        the center of the circle until you get the center snap. Click once to begin
                        a new line and drag the line out along either the red or green axis.



                        2. Create a circle, of the same size, on the end of the line you drew in
                        the previous step. Draw a line connecting the top of the circles, as well
                        as a line to create the bottom contour.


                        3. Delete all the inner "construction" lines. Select the push/pull
                        tool and give the shape a thickness.


                        4. Hover over the right edge of the controller, for 2 seconds, move
                        your cursor to the center until you find the center snap. Click once
                        and drag a circle outward



                        5. Draw a vertical line which bisects the circle (cuts in half). Now
                        draw a horizontal line which bisects the cricle.



                        5. Draw circles using the midpoint of the horizontal and vertical lines.
                        You should have one small circle and one large circle on each line


                        6. Draw horizontal lines to connect the large circles. Erase the
                        pieces of the large circle you no longer need, as well as the
                        horizontal and vertical lines.


                        7. Use the push/pull tool to lower the large circle (dark grey)
                        and raise the buttons.                  


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