Focus on Wellness

Wellness Week Activities
Posted on 01/13/2020

Thanks to our amazing wellness team for such a super week of wellness activities.

·       Monday Period 1 Mindful minute at start of period 1 – students will be asked to practice being mindful for 1 minute of the day – we will play a clip over the PA.Yoga at lunch with MS. Cameron in the Bear Pit. There will be an opportunity to enter a draw for a free hot lunch to help students FUEL their minds.

·       Tuesday Period 2 Classroom teachers will take their students for a Body break during the class. This is up to you when you take your class out and if you do a short lap around the building or go outside. All we ask is an opportunity to get the blood flowing! Chill and Chat in room 207 at lunch. Therapy Dog in Bear Pit at lunch.

·       Wednesday Period 3 Gratitude:  Workout with B. Niemi at lunch in the gym. Wall of Gratitude in period 3 - complete the orange card for our wall of gratitude.

·       Thursday Period 4 Focused Fitness:  Intramural Dodgeball in the gym, and Colouring in the Art room at lunch. Period 4: Sally Up Sally Down!

·       Friday Period 1 Homeform BINGO Challenge Wrap Up. Zumba in the Gym and Fruit Kebobs at lunch. 

Thanks for your support!