Assessment & Evaluation During Remote Learning

Assessment & Evaluation During Remote Learning
Posted on 04/16/2020
What families need to know...

Educators have received the following to address the questions and concerns about assessment and evaluation practices during our emergency remote learning.  While this is a challenging time for everyone, we can get through this together. Our expectation is that all students engage in learning through their classes from home during this school closure. 

Engaging in learning will provide students with a positive connection to their teachers and peers. Our teachers will be focusing on the key ideas in their courses that will support students learning in the future, and/or prepare them for their post-secondary programs.  Please be assured that this learning from home, with their teachers, can positively impact their final grade in the course.

Please note, that depending on the course, teachers will assign a number of tasks, assignments, and/or projects for both feedback and evaluative purposes, and teachers will provide feedback to students on their learning.  Teachers will also communicate results of marked assignments and projects to students.  Marks for final report cards in June will be based on student work completed prior to March 13th, and also on work completed after April 6th if that work improves the student’s final grade.

We ask that students connect regularly with their classroom teacher and work a minimum of 3 hours a week on each course. As always if you have a need, concern, or question during the challenging time, please email the school's general email. From there someone will call you back.