BSS Environment Club

Enviroment Club Initiatives So Far...
Posted on 11/26/2018
I give a Shirt

The BSS Environmental Club is a subsidiary to our Student Council, and the club run events promoting a sustainable environment both at school and in our community. Our initiatives are aimed at reducing and reusing, or bringing awareness to various environmental events.

In early October, Bayridge held the annual Water Bottle Workshop to inform our grade 9 students about the impact of using non-reusable plastic water bottles: many of the grade nines were given a reusable water bottle that had been purchased with the grade nine spirit package. The Environmental Club was happy to support and volunteer to help Ms. Scarlett with this environmental initiative.

The last two weeks of October, the staff and students of Bayridge came together and collected clothes and textiles for our local second hand shop through the “I Give A Shirt” challenge. This campaign, run by the Recycling Council of Ontario, aims to reduce the amount of clothes that are thrown into landfills. It is important to reuse and recycle everything we can! This year, the Bayridge community collected almost 500 articles of clothing, with Ms. McConnell’s homeroom bringing in almost 200 items alone.

We still have two main events planned for 2018. In November we will be conducting Recycling Surveys and recording results on the use of our Recycling Centres. Recycling Surveys will determine how much our students are recycling, or not recycling, and will bring awareness to how it can be reduced. Recycling Centres are located around the school and are monitored and re-sorted by the Environmental Club so we can ensure that everything is going to the right place. Remember to place your recycling in the correct bin and if it is not recyclable, don’t put it in the recycling station. Recycling is an important initiative in Bayridge that can really help to reduce our environmental impact!

In December our focus will be on conserving wrapping paper during our Gift-Wrapping event where members of the Environmental Club will wrap gifts in newspaper for the staff and students of Bayridge. This is another way that we can promote reducing, reusing, and recycling at Bayridge.

The Environmental club has had a great start to the school year. We are looking forward to continuing with our current initiatives and planning more for the rest of the school year. Blazers, remember to check our bulletin board in the social science bearpit to stay updated on what environmental events are coming up next and how you can help make Bayridge green!