Message to Families Jan. 21,2021

Safe Return to School January 25, 2021
Posted on 01/21/2021

Students must complete the COVID self-assessment each day before leaving for school.  Students will enter the school through the same door they used before the holiday break.  All students are reminded that the safety protocols that were in place then, are still in place.  All students must wear masks, must sanitize their hands entering and exiting the school and their classroom, and maintain 6’ separation when not seated in class.

It is very important to note that we are still in a State of Emergency province-wide, until February 11th, and that students should not be congregating in groups at any time, including breaks and lunch.  We are all being asked to stay home unless we are going to work or school.

We do ask that any students who borrowed a device for the past 3 weeks, that they bring the device with them on Monday to return it.  An Administrator will collect the device from the student in their class on Monday.

Please note that the Assessment plan shared by your teacher will not change. Students must complete the summative work to earn the credit.  Students will have an opportunity to use the previously scheduled exam day at the end of Octo 4, January 28th, as a Student Success Day if their teacher feels they need to attend to finish up any summatives for their course.

Remember Friday the 29th is a PA day and we will begin Octo 5 on Monday February 1st