Move to Remote Learning Jan. 4, 2021

Information for the Move to Remote Learning
Posted on 01/03/2021

Happy New Year Blazer Families.  What follows is important information regarding this move to remote learning for those who were learning face-to-face at the school in December. Please note, that for our students in the Virtual School for this octo4, nothing has changed.  Those in the Virtual school should be ready to go at 10 AM tomorrow.

For students who were learning at the school in December before our holiday break, please check your limestone email and log into your class on the learning platform your teacher shared with you. D2L and google classroom are both available through Minds Online, and there is a link on our website to Minds Online. It will be important for all student to engage with this learning, daily, during this provincial lockdown for the next the three weeks. The learning will continue in your octo 4 course and attendance will be tracked. The learning will be flexible, with both synchronous and asynchronous activities and opportunities daily.
More details and direction can be found on the LDSB website through this LINK.

Prior to the holiday break, students were asked to let their teacher know if they required a device to continue their learning at home. Arrangements are being made now to ensure all student who need a device, can get one Monday afternoon or Tuesday. The devices will be distributed as they were back in March. If you need one, be prepared for a call sometime on Monday, tomorrow, to give you a pick up time.

Please follow our twitter and website for current and important updates. And feel free to email the school at any time  [email protected].