Sept. 24, 2020 Update for Families

Family Update Sept. 24, 2020
Posted on 09/24/2020

The exam day for Octomester 1 is Thursday, October 8th.  This is the same for the Virtual school and the face-to-face school. At BSS, if the student in your home has an exam it will be written in the morning on this day. Following their exam students will be permitted to leave school, as is our usual practice on exam days.  If the student is in a course without a final written exam, but rather has a culminating activity, they will not need to attend school on the 8th, provided their culminating activity is completed.  Please contact your child’s teacher or an administrator if you have any questions about this process.

Official report cards will not come home until mid-November and will include the courses from both the first and second octomester.   

Students thinking about moving from face to-face instruction at BSS to the Virtual School or vice versa for the second octomester, need to make their wishes known to our Vice Principals before October 2nd.  Requests will only be considered if there is space in the class the student wishes to take.

Our Annual Academic Awards ceremony will be virtual this year, as we recognize last year’s achievements of our current grade 10, 11 12 students.  We hope to have this ready for your viewing by October 8th.

Our School Advisory Council met for the first time on Sept. 21st.  We are holding these meetings virtually, through Microsoft Teams, and all parents are welcome to join in.  Our next meeting is October 26th, at 7 PM.  The link will be made available to any parents who request it.  If interested, please email the school  Our website has a page dedicated to our School Council under the Our School tab. Meeting dates, minutes and presentations will be posted there. Any questions, please call the school.

Our students have done a super job of following all our COVID19 protocols. I continue to be impressed with the way they conduct themselves in the school and on breaks.  Students occasionally need the reminder to physically distance with friends, and we will continue to do so.

Please be sure you are using the new version of the online COVID-19 School Screening Tool daily with your child. The link can be found on the Board and our school website.  A printable/downloadable version of the tool is also available on the Board website.

Tomorrow, Sept. 25th, is a PD day where our staff will be collaborating on assessment practices that work during our octomester timetable, as well as how to ensure our school is safe and inclusive for all.