Exam Schedules

BSS JUNE 2019 Semester 2 Examination Schedule Final.doc.docx

Important information for students to remember about exams: 

Exam Dates 

Examinations will begin on Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 and will run until Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 . Students need to be available on all these dates and should not make other plans to be away during this time. Review days will occur in class before the examination. Students are to attend on their scheduled exam dates only unless they have an appointment to meet with a teacher.  

Starting Times:

All students are responsible for being at school on the day and time of the scheduled final evaluation. 

Students who arrive late should report immediately to the main office. Students should report to the examination room five minutes before the start time of the exam and must stay for one hour after the exam has begun.

8:30 a.m.: Start of morning examination (doors open at 8:25 a.m.)

12 p.m.: Start of afternoon examination (doors open at 11:55 a.m.)

*Unless you have an accommodation, then you would start at 10:30 am to allow double time.


If a student arrives late to an examination without a legitimate reason, the time remaining for the exam will not be extended. If a student is absent without a legitimate reason he/she will lose the opportunity to write the exam.  The final grade will be affected, possibly resulting in a grade of incomplete (“I” or “25”).

Students absent from an examination will be considered legitimate under the following circumstances:

  • health reasons with a doctor’s certificate
  • family emergency with parent/guardian note

Your parent must phone the school as soon as possible to report your absence. Your examination will be rescheduled to a different day in the conflict room by a member of administration.

Examination Area Procedure:

  • Arrive early outside your designated examination room and bring textbooks with you to be collected.
  • Students should bring their own equipment for writing the examination, such as calculators, pencils, pens, rulers, etc. 
  • Students are NOT to bring cell phones or electronic devices into the exam area.
  • Upon entering, sit only in the assigned seat for your exam. Do not talk in the examination room.
  • Once you are finished writing the exam, you are not allowed in the hallways. The library is a quiet study area.

Conflicts/Special Accommodation:

Exam Conflict:
 see Mr. Ward as soon as possible

Exam Accommodations: 

Ms. Claudine Elvidge will discuss with your classroom teacher and make arrangements if you require accommodations per your Individual Education Plan. Should you require special accommodations due to an emergency (e.g. broken arm), please contact the main office and ask to speak to a member of administration.

Academic Dishonesty:

Cheating on an exam is a very serious offence.  When a teacher finds evidence of cheating, or an attempt to cheat on an exam, this evidence will be reported to the Principal and the student’s exam will not be marked. The Principal will meet with you, parent/guardians, and the teacher to determine consequences which could include losing your credit due to lack of sufficient evidence.

Emergency Cancellation:

In the event of an emergency, the exams scheduled on that day will be moved to the conflict day already scheduled.  The remainder of the exam schedule will not change.  If an emergency cancellation takes place, details will be announced over the radio, twitter (@BayridgeSS_LDSB), and the school website. Wednesday, June 26th is the Exam Conflict Day.  All students should plan to be available on this date as it is considered a scheduled exam date. 

Exam Viewing Day:

Students are invited to attend Exam Viewing Day on ​Thursday, June 27th from 8:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.