School Council

School Councils (Parent Councils) are important partners in education. School Councils provide a forum through which parents and other members of school communities can contribute to improving student achievement and well-being and enhance the accountability of the education system.

Our School Council meets six or seven times a year. Our School Council is not about FUNDraising and you won't be volun-chosen for other duties. Our Council is all about information sharing and discussion. At each meeting an update on school-related activities is provided by the Student Council, teacher representative and our Principal. Council is an excellent way of staying informed about what is going on at our school and what opportunities are available for students. School council members also identify topics of interest for presentation/discussion at future meetings or extra special interest sessions.

Join us for our School Council Meetings:

Sept. 19, Oct. 24
Nov. 21 - Scholarships & Bursaries,
Jan. 23 - My Blueprint/Course Selection/Pathway Planning
Feb. 27 - EQAO and BSS
April 10  Wellness Initiatives at BSS
May 29 - Our Culinary Program - hands-on (must RSVP)

We meet at 6:45 p.m. in Room 126.

School Council Executive (2018-2019):

  • Co-Chairs: Kerry Fraser & Rajan Gill

  • Treasurer: Bill Visser

  • School Council Meeting Minutes are available below.

  • Secretary:  Melanie Darling / Jane Chin

  • Teacher Rep:  Alida French 

  • Parent Rep: Jaime Swaine

  • PIC Rep: Donna Banting