Welcome to Grade 9: What Families Need to Know

Grade 9 Welcome Information
Posted on 06/16/2020

Life at high school really is a wonderful, invigorating, learning experience. Each of you will have the opportunity to make your high school life at Bayridge unforgettable and enjoyable.
Click here for our Welcome to Grade 9 Presentation. 

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During the next four or five years you will be selecting courses that will determine your career path. Work, College or University are the types of destination choices from which you will choose. The courses that you pick now should be realistic for you and should be congruent with your chosen direction. Be sure to get advice from your grade eight teacher, and if necessary, from our guidance counsellor to make the best choices.

  While at high school, it is important that you build a well-balanced program. Along with the compulsory courses, we advise you to broaden your learning base by selecting courses from within the arts (visual art, music and drama), physical education, and technology of various types. Our guidance staff are more than willing to help you make the best choices.

  We want to encourage you to get involved in the many positive activities that are offered outside of the classroom. If you live a balanced, active life you will do better academically. Join in the fun of being a Blazer, by getting involved in colour house activities, student government, sports, intramurals, band, drama, arts council and more. This involvement helps to reduce stress and helps you to learn a great deal about yourself and others. Plan to get involved right away!

  No matter what decisions you make for course selections and your involvement, be sure to “be the best that you can be” in all of your efforts while at high school.

LIVE LINK Gr.9 @ BSS A video for our incoming students.